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RICKY DEAN’S ROCKETS evolved in the dustdevil wake of the original Redline Rockets, the Colorado-based honkabilly band that chased and championed roots music through the theme of a phantom train; a legendary locomotive transporting passengers from any station back to Memphis, Tennessee circa 1955.  One day, the Redline Rocket may fire up its boilers again, steaming down the tracks toward Destiny.  Until then…


The Conductor, Ricky Dean Haffey, punches the tickets on this latest Rockets vehicle, as Lead Singer, Rhythm Guitarist, and Writer of the Songs.  His other title, Bestower of the Nicknames, is unofficial, yet intractable.  Ricky Dean’s music honors the primal roots of Rock and HonkyTonk Country, with essential elements of Rockabilly, Surf, Blues, and Brits…the tectonic twang and jangle of  the‘50s & ‘60s that soundtracked his Nebraska childhood.  His Mother said he was named for Ricky Nelson; a lie, but a good one.  Not everyone reinvents the wheel; some are born to just keep it rolling.


John “Let My People Go” Friedman lays into Lead Guitar like a man possessed, trying not to get repossessed.  Hailing from Upstate New York, he escaped the family farm to spend years touring with country bands and fly fishing, sometimes simultaneously.  John is a wailing wall of sound; a B-bending, fenderbending, never-ending master of Telecaster.


Dave “Headhunter” Taylor was born in Beaumont, Texas, as was his love of music, and as was Country legend George Jones, an im-possum-able coincidence.  Dave’s talents exceed his Rockets’ duties on Electric Bass and backing vocals, though he is too shy to brag…for more than several hours.  Career highlights include playing with Percy Sledge, ZZ Top, and Ricky Dean.


Robert “Marmot King” Fiorino provides the heartbeat of the Rockets on drums.  He was born in New York City, and moved to Colorado at age 3…thus, his native Coloradan status should be official any day now.  Rob is well-known and highly regarded in the Denver music scene; one of the most sought after drummers for a variety of musical styles.  The Rockets are lucky to have him.  No, I’m serious…we can’t always get him. 

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